18 August 2009

Our most valuable tool

Is our black diary! As a start-up business, we need to be effective and economic at the same time, and this leads to simple solutions such as this humble diary. This is where we jot down leads, quotes and jobs booked. This is where the list of things to do get noted, and crossed out as they are done. And this is where payments, invoices and bills are all born before they are transferred to big brother MYOB. It
is not demanding, needs neither broadband connection nor power. And it is not fussy, allowing you to scribble half-baked ideas with no care about profitability, feasibility or budgetary constraints.
Once a week, I look through the diary and transfer data to MYOB, schedule payments or send reminders for overdue invoices, analyse the necessary reports and decide the way forward. Without our black diary, things would be very difficult indeed!

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