22 October 2009

Burglar proof paint

Burglar proof paint. What it is, how to use it, where can you use it, where in Australia can you get it. Get all your answers here...

What is burglar proof paint or anti burglar paint?

Put quite simply, it is non-drying paint. Also called anti-climb paint, or anti-vandal paint, or anti-intruder paint - it remains sticky and greasy throughout its lifetime. When put on walls, poles or downpipes, an intruder is unable to get a grip enough to climb it. If a persistent burglar still tries to climb, God help him get the stuff off his hands and clothes!! That helps in detection.

Applied in a thick coat, it is also an anti-graffiti measure. You can simply "mix" in the graffiti with the paint with a brush or trowel!

How is anti burglar proof paint used?

It is easily applied with a brush or roller like normal paint, and covers in one coat. Edited: Simon Messenger from Non-Drying Paint Pty Ltd  emailed to say that using a roller is probably not a good idea and it would splatter the paint where you don’t want it to go. A renderer’s mitt (obtained from Bunnings ) is a very good method of getting it onto large areas and on the tops of mesh fencing. Other things you should keep in mind are:
  • It is almost impossible to get this off your clothes and shoes, so while painting wear overalls and old clothes you dont mind throwing away afterwards. The brush will probably need to be thrown away too
  • Do not use anti burglar paint below a minimum recommended height of about 2.5 metres. You do not want to accidentally brush against this, and the local council might not like it either
  • Use a clear warning sign to tell people that anti burglar paint has been used

Can I use burglar proof paint on any surface? What about weather proofing?

Yes, it can be used on any surface including brick, concrete, stone, wood, metal, asbestos sheets and roof tiles.

It is unaffected by extremes of temperatures and is water repellent. So it will work in hot or cold conditions or through rain. If using on untreated wooden surfaces, apply a suitable oil-based primer first.

Where in Australia can I find anti burglar paint?

It is marketed as StopClimb in Australia. You can get it from either one of the following:

ProtectAll Security Products  (Queensland)
Non Drying Paint Pty Ltd  (distributors for all States and Territories except Queensland)

For other security and survellaince measures you can use, check this out!

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