30 November 2010

Builders Power Pole

Most Builder Temporary Supplies these days are done via underground supply to the permanent position.  This is called Temp/Perm in the industry because initially the meter box and switchboard is used during construction and then the same equipment is used as the permanent meter and switchboard for the building.  For Builders developing a block of land in an older area, they normally find overhead supply within the older street.  Whilst a new Underground Service pit is ultimately used to supply underground power for multiple units, the electrician and the builder may prefer to quickly establish a Builders Temporary Supply to allow construction to commence.  This method allows the new pit to be installed later and does not interfere with the installation of new underground services.

Epping Electrical now provides this service for Builders in the northern suburbs.  

The cost for Epping Electrical customers to establish an overhead supplied Builders Temporary Pole is $850 inc GST for 14 weeks from the date power is connected.  The rate beyond the initial 14 week period is $15 per week.  These prices do not include the one-time Electricity Connection Fee (approx $120) and Electricity usage.

If you are planning to build a house or units in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, call EPPING ELECTRICAL to provide a free quote.

I hope you found this information informative, if you have any questions, please drop me a line or call me on 0431 232 796.  Geoff