27 April 2020

Builders Power Pole - 2023 Update

2024 Premium Builders Power Poles 

Epping Electrical is again taking orders for Single Phase Power poles for Builders / Owner Builders who would prefer not to hire the facility but rather sell the pole when no-longer needed. 

By far the best builders power poles in Victoria!  

Recent customer feedback - May 2020.  "These are the best made poles I have seen in a very long time, the workmanship is excellent"   

Single Phase Overhead Power Poles
The New Single Phase Overhead Power Poles are complete and ready for installation by qualified persons within the state of Victoria excluding Bush Fire Prone Areas.  

Single Phase Overhead Poles - $2150 each  including GST with delivery or $1,950 each including GST pick up from Menzies Creek.

Availability - Only one for immediate delivery/pickup (as at Jan 3 2024).   Special Price $1,600 pick up.

Typically built to order, approx 5 business days after receipt of payment.

Installation not included, have your local electrician install and submit paperwork for connection.

These premium power poles are made by a fully qualified electrician and include only high level quality materials including B&R V5 Meter Box and Clipsal Equipment.  

Premium Single Phase Overhead Power Poles Include the following: - 
40A Single Phase Supply, 5.4 Meter Cypress Pine Post with rounded corners.
Galvanized Pole Cap, Treated Pine Timber Stays & Stakes, B&R V5 Compact Meter Box (Steel), 
Mains Connection Box, Overhead Supply Hook, Clipsal 40A Main Switch, Clipsal 20A RCBO (Circuit Breaker / Safety Switch), Two Hager 10A Outlets, Earth Stake / Tag and Clip, Bootlace connections, Power Industry Padlock, laminated installation guide.  Depth Marker @ 800mm above ground level.  (1.2m in ground minimum). 
Optional delivery to site (Melbourne Metro Areas Only) 


Meets all requirements of ESV Guidelines - To see details - Click Here

Builders Power Pole prepared by fully licensed personnel - REC 10825

Geoff Connor

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