13 August 2013

Another Home Safer with a New Switchboard

Today we were called out to a home in Thomastown, we found the home was still using its original switchboard from the 1960's.  The fuse contacts overheated and burnt the wire behind the switchboard.  Thankfully this did not cause another house fire started by old electrical switchboards.  We replaced the old switchboard with a new Switchboard from ABB.  The new Switchboard complies with the latest regulations.

Some of these regulations include:-

1/  Main Switch is a Circuit Breaker rated to the mains cable capacity.
2/  Minimum of two Safety Switches.
3/  No more than three circuits per Safety Switch.
4/  Sum of the protected circuit breakers not to exceed the Safety Switch rating.
5/  Work Inspected by a qualified third party.
6/  A Prescribed Certificate of Electrical Safety issued.

So, its out with the old and in with the new.

If your home has an older Switchboard, don't risk it, upgrade it!

If you are not sure if it needs replacing, send me a pic to 0431 232 796 or geoff@eppingelectrical.com and I will let you know.




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