22 February 2018

Helpful Electrician Test

So you are looking for an Electrician to do some work for you.  How do you know what the person is like?  Will the person do great work at a reasonable price and be there for you when you need them next?
Geoff Connor - 0431 232 796

Today there are many Electrical Franchise business operating, when you use one of these services, you just don't know who you will get.  There also new start-up Electrical Business run by in-experienced people, more then 50% of these don't last most than 12 months.  Knowing a Local Electrician you can trust that has been operating for many years is your goal.

So how can you tell if the person who answers the phone will help solve your problem today and is someone you can trust vs someone who is just interested to make an easy dollar?

Here are a few suggestions.

1/  Look for Local Electricians with good reviews, but remember many reviews online are written by the owners for their own business, so don't rely just on reviews.

2/  Look for Local Electricians that offer Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.  These Electricians will take the time to do your job right, that's how they can offer the warranty.

3/  Call a Local Electrician's number, if there is no answer or if a call center operator answers your call, call the next Local Electrician.

4/  When you actually speak to an Electrician, tell the electrician that some of your power points in your house are not working. 

If the Electrician asks if you have checked your Switchboard and continues to help you resolve the problem over the phone at no charge, you may have just found a Trusted and Helpful Local Electrician.

If the Electrician immediately asks for your address and details and tells you they will be there at some point.  Thank the person and call another Local Electrician.  As 90% of these types of problems can be resolved over the phone at NO COST!

5/  Remember if you are not being helped today and your questions are not being clearly answered at the first phone call, how well do you think this person will help you after the work is done? 

The way I run my business is different to most others.  I actually enjoy helping people.  I assist many people over the phone each week to resolve their Electrical problem or at the very least, help them reduce the impact of the problem so there is less urgent need to get out on site late at night over the weekend.

I challenge you to call my number (0431 232 796) anytime and put me to the test.  Ask me any question and test how helpful you think I am.  Once I do work for you, I am sure my business card will be on your fridge for many years to come. 

Geoff Connor