15 September 2009

Christmas lights: Bring on the festive season

Tomorrow we head off on a two week trip to India and Nepal. This trip coincides with the biggest festival in that part of the world and we are definitely looking forward to the festivities. But more importantly we are waiting eagerly to see the amazing electrical artistry in the dazzling lights on display in every neighbourhood and city during this carnival

The usage of "lights" during festivals is quite universal around the world, whether it be for Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Chinese New Year or Kwanzaa. With electrical innovatons and techonological advancement, the festive lights have moved on from a static display of festival symbols to a scintillating spectacle with sound and motion integrated in it. As our own festive season draws near, we hope to come back from India with some fantastic ideas of Christmas lights. We'll come back with loads of pictures for sure, but till then - enjoy these from years gone by.

[Photos credit Calcuttaweb]

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